Is Your Brand Advertise-Able?

Find Out with This Free Checklist.Brandsformation by Chuck Mefford

BrandsFormation®, developed by strategist, author and business consultant Chuck Mefford, is a proven system for branding businesses. It has helped thousands local businesses make that crucial emotional connection by uncovering and telling their story.

Before you implement your own campaign, Chuck encourages you to make sure your interactions with your customers are at their best.

How? With a Touchpoints Evaluation - structured to evaluate over 40 points of contact or interactions between your company, and a potential or current customer.

Included in this free checklist are five major categories:

  • Marketing
  • Consumer Perspective
  • Price/Value
  • Relationships
  • Brand Platform

This tool will help you take an honest look at what you might need to change before you invite people in through marketing and advertising efforts.

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